Dynamic Fundraising(1)

One of the most popular forms of event fundraising for the following reasons:
Advertising works by selling tickets individually, missing out on large advertising and marketing costs.
Fewer risks than a big event such as an auction, gala, theatre night etc. as you don’t have to count on getting a large attendance at one time.
High profit for minimal costs (assuming prizes, printing and other essentials are all donated).
Some Basics for Raffle Success
Choose Good Prizes
What would people like to win, and therefore wouldn’t mind buying a raffle ticket for? Also plan on smaller prizes for secondary winners. Here are some prizes that usually attract attention:
Ticket Price
Work out a sensible ticket price. Consider your potential donors/buyers, and its relationship to the value of the prize. Big prizes such as a car or a holiday weekend could command higher ticket prizes, and keep in mind that the lower your ticket price, the more tickets you need to sell to make a good profit.
Sales Strategy
How are you going to sell tickets and what is your estimated selling period? It is always a good idea to coincide your selling by getting a booth or setting up with other activities such as fun fairs, sports events, dinners, shops and so on. A minimum of one month selling period should be allowed, longer for large-ticket items.
Plan and Update
Plan and hold regular meetings to keep track of sales and momentum, having records of which sellers have which tickets.